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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Baxt, 8 books
Stuart M. Kaminsky, 5 books
Charles Higham, 4 books
Budd Schulberg, 4 books
Mary Wilcox, 4 books
Ronald L. Davis, 3 books
Bruce Wagner, 3 books
Tony Thomas, 3 books
Barry Norman, 3 books
Robert Wright Campbell, 3 books
Austin, John, 3 books
Wood, Robin, 2 books
Dennis Hensley, 2 books
Ted Sennett, 2 books
Lindsay Maracotta, 2 books
Iris Rainer Dart, 2 books
David King Dunaway, 2 books
L. J. Washburn, 2 books
Hans J. Wollstein, 2 books
Rosenberg, Robert, 2 books
Clare Naylor, 2 books
Jackie Collins, 2 books
Leslie Epstein, 2 books
Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, 2 books
Mary Sheldon, 2 books