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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jackie Collins, 23 books
Thomas Riggs, 19 books
Jackie Collins, 14 books
Canada. Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade., 12 books
Harold Robbins, 9 books
Walter Donohue, 9 books
John W. Cones, 9 books
Tino Balio, 9 books
Peter Bart, 8 books
John Boorman, 7 books
Jon Lewis, 7 books
Octavio Getino, 7 books
Association of Cine-Technicians., 7 books
Janet Wasko, 7 books
Angus Finney, 6 books
Anthony Slide, 6 books
Hill, John, 6 books
Don Shiach, 6 books
Alexander Walker, 6 books
Nathanael West, 6 books
Paulo Coelho, 6 books
Pierre Véronneau, 6 books
Laurent Creton, 5 books
Thomas Schatz, 5 books
Michael Wiese, 5 books


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