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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Riggs, 19 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 13 books
Tom Weaver, 6 books
Patrick McGilligan, 6 books
Christopher Isherwood, 4 books
Kevin Smith, 4 books
Julie Mellors, 4 books
Arthur Laurents, 4 books
William Froug, 4 books
Ed Brubaker, 3 books
Joe Eszterhas, 3 books
Elizabeth Brundage, 3 books
Horton Foote, 3 books
John Fowles, 3 books
Peter Lefcourt, 3 books
Ray Bradbury, 3 books
Warren Dunford, 3 books
Joshua Kondek, 3 books
Jean-Claude Carrière, 3 books
Budd Schulberg, 3 books
John B. Sanford, 3 books
Esteve Riambau, 3 books
Kaneto Shindō, 3 books
Randall Clark, 3 books
Peter Desberg, 3 books


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