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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stafford Hildred, 10 books
Tim Ewbank, 10 books
Amie Jane Leavitt, 8 books
Betty White, 7 books
Dick Van Dyke, 5 books
Kathleen Tracy, 5 books
James Robert Parish, 5 books
George Lopez, 4 books
Alexandra Wentworth, 4 books
Marc Shapiro, 4 books
Richard Tyler Jordan, 4 books
Tania Carvalho, 4 books
Randi Reisfeld, 4 books
Terri Dougherty, 3 books
Rosemary Wallner, 3 books
Danielle Steel, 3 books
Roseanne Barr, 3 books
Victoria Rowell, 3 books
Peter Kay, 3 books
Nancy E. Krulik, 3 books
Sue Johnston, 3 books
Joan Collins, 3 books
Beth Cruise, 3 books
White, Betty, 3 books
Valerie Bertinelli, 3 books


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