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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Groucho Marx, 11 books
Ronald L. Smith, 10 books
Carol Burnett, 9 books
Bill Cosby, 9 books
Wes D. Gehring, 8 books
Ron Goulart, 8 books
Spike Milligan, 8 books
George Burns, 8 books
Russell Brand, 6 books
McCabe, John, 6 books
Hope, Bob, 6 books
Arthur Marx, 6 books
Louie Anderson, 6 books
Dick Van Dyke, 5 books
Kathleen Tracy, 5 books
Katherine E. Krohn, 5 books
Martin Knelman, 5 books
David Robinson, 5 books
Charlie Chaplin, 5 books
Kathy Griffin, 5 books
James Patterson, 5 books
Jonathan Margolis, 5 books
Lorne Michaels, 5 books
Billy Crystal, 4 books
Gary Morecambe, 4 books


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