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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Woody Allen, 5 books
Foster Hirsch, 3 books
Douglas Brode, 2 books
Albert Bermel, 2 books
Giannalberto Bendazzi, 2 books
Eric Lax, 2 books
Stefano Brenna, 2 books
Ingmar Fernengel, 2 books
Maurice Yacowar, 2 books
Diane Jacobs, 2 books
Robert Benayoun, 2 books
Dee Burton, 1 book
Graham Flashner, 1 book
Frank Weimann, 1 book
Frank Manchel, 1 book
Christian Dureau, 1 book
Thierry de Navacelle, 1 book
Peter J. Bailey, 1 book
Gilles Cèbe, 1 book
Richard J. Anobile, 1 book
Fabio Ballabio, 1 book
Florence Colombani, 1 book
Dirk Clara, 1 book
Olivier Maurel, 1 book
Angelika Janssen, 1 book


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