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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eastman Kodak Company, 12 books
Vic Crume, 9 books
Richard J. Anobile, 8 books
Leonore Fleischer, 8 books
Starlog Press, 7 books
Mel Cebulash, 7 books
Max Allan Collins, 6 books
Bad author - no name, 6 books
B. B. Hiller, 6 books
Jeff Rovin, 5 books
Robert Tine, 4 books
Ron Fontes, 4 books
Joe Claro, 4 books
Alan Dean Foster, 4 books
Pauline Kael, 4 books
Carroll, John S., 3 books
Robert Bloch, 3 books
Barbara Brooks Wallace, 3 books
Mel Odom, 3 books
Carl R. Green, 3 books
Paul Monette, 3 books
Ansco Company., 3 books
Fangoria, 3 books
Carey, Mary, 3 books
Terry Gilliam, 2 books


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