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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nora Roberts, 60 books
Guy N. Smith, 6 books
Stephen King, 6 books
John Grisham, 5 books
Stefan Szczelkun, 4 books
Jean S. MacLeod, 4 books
Margaret Way, 3 books
Carole Mortimer, 3 books
Therese Plummer, 3 books
Bret Easton Ellis, 2 books
Patty Apostolides, 2 books
Barthe DeClements, 2 books
Peter Berresford Ellis, 2 books
Catherine Aird, 2 books
Paul Lester, 2 books
Matthew Buckley, 2 books
Núria Añó, 2 books
Chaos Computer Club, 2 books
S. N. Rathnamma, 2 books
Angela Dawe, 2 books
Evelyn E. Smith, 2 books
Hugh Zachary, 1 book
Richard Martins, 1 book
Drew Barrymore, 1 book
Johannes Habich, 1 book