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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barbara Cartland, 375 books
Adele Ashworth, 67 books
Nora Roberts, 54 books
Vivian Stuart, 46 books
Jennifer Wilde, 21 books
Denise Robins, 15 books
Nancy Richards-Akers, 13 books
Christopher Nicole, 10 books
Debbie Macomber, 9 books
Alison York, 8 books
Laurie McBain, 7 books
Jayne Ann Krentz, 7 books
Penny Jordan, 7 books
Edwina Marlow, 6 books
Janet Dailey, 6 books
Danielle Steel, 6 books
Patricia Veryan, 6 books
Caroline Gray, 6 books
Jillian Hart, 5 books
Lenora Worth, 5 books
Carolyne Aarsen, 5 books
Janet Louise Roberts, 5 books
Beatrice Parker, 5 books
Joanne Rock, 4 books
Ann Major, 4 books


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