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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julie Smith, 23 books
Kate Chopin, 21 books
Nicholas Russell Murray, 21 books
Reuter Seed Co, 20 books
Dorothy Ledbetter Murray, 19 books
Lisa Jackson, 14 books
Laura Childs, 12 books
Anne Rice, 12 books
J. M. Redmann, 10 books
Chris Reuter (Firm), 10 books
New Orleans Museum of Art., 9 books
Greg Herren, 8 books
James Sallis, 7 books
J. Steckler Seed Co, 7 books
John Grisham, 6 books
Aquatic Plant Nursery, 6 books
John Dillmann, 6 books
David Fulmer, 5 books
Christine Moe, 5 books
Charles R. Maduell, 5 books
Samuel Barclay Charters, 5 books
Michael P. Smith, 5 books
Kit Wohl, 5 books
John Besh, 5 books
Jason Berry, 5 books


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