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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leonard Feather, 18 books
Hugues Panassié, 15 books
Nat Hentoff, 13 books
Whitney Balliett, 12 books
Leslie Gourse, 11 books
Martin T. Williams, 11 books
Ted Gioia, 10 books
André Hodeir, 9 books
Joachim Ernst Berendt, 8 books
Michel Ruppli, 7 books
Gary Giddins, 7 books
James Lincoln Collier, 7 books
Peter Gammond, 7 books
Charles Garrod, 7 books
Stephen Longstreet, 7 books
Arrigo Polillo, 6 books
Paul Tanner, 6 books
Humphrey Lyttelton, 6 books
Mark C. Gridley, 6 books
Gene Lees, 6 books
Arnold Shaw, 6 books
Cook, Richard, 6 books
Charles Delaunay, 5 books
Robert Goffin, 5 books
Rudi Blesh, 5 books


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