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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Scholes, Percy Alfred, 11 books
Schumann, Otto, 9 books
Mason, Daniel Gregory, 8 books
A. Peter Brown, 8 books
Antony Hopkins, 8 books
David Hurwitz, 8 books
Pahlen, Kurt, 7 books
Alan Rich, 7 books
Sir Donald Francis Tovey, 6 books
Jonathan D. Green, 6 books
Hans Renner, 6 books
Richard B. Miles, 6 books
David Ewen, 6 books
Wilhelm Altmann, 5 books
Sigmund Gottfried Spaeth, 5 books
Charles O'Connell, 5 books
Greil Marcus, 5 books
Mark C. Gridley, 5 books
Allan F. Moore, 5 books
Bruno Nettl, 5 books
M. Owen Lee, 5 books
Robert Joseph Garofalo, 5 books
Roger Fiske, 4 books
David Foil, 4 books
Philip Radcliffe, 4 books


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