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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Machlis, 27 books
Kristine Forney, 27 books
Scholes, Percy Alfred, 19 books
Roger Kamien, 18 books
David Ewen, 14 books
Mason, Daniel Gregory, 11 books
Charles R. Hoffer, 11 books
Sigmund Gottfried Spaeth, 9 books
David Hurwitz, 9 books
Tomoko Ninomiya, 8 books
Leonard Bernstein, 8 books
William C. Hartshorn, 7 books
Craig Wright, 7 books
Roy Bennett, 7 books
François-Joseph Fétis, 7 books
Claude V. Palisca, 7 books
B. H. Haggin, 7 books
Charles Hoffer, 6 books
J. Peter Burkholder, 6 books
Jean Ferris, 6 books
Leon Dallin, 6 books
Martin Hürlimann, 5 books
Fred Hamel, 5 books
Sidney Harrison, 5 books
Olin Downes, 5 books


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