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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Garrod, 114 books
Joel Whitburn, 82 books
Jerry Osborne, 20 books
Edward Greenfield, 17 books
John Hunt, 17 books
Jerome F. Weber, 16 books
Brian A. L. Rust, 14 books
Karleric Liliedahl, 14 books
Tim Neely, 13 books
John Hunt, 13 books
Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen, 12 books
Michel Ruppli, 12 books
Hugues Panassié, 11 books
Ariede Maria Migliavacca, 11 books
Björn Englund, 11 books
David Ewen, 10 books
Gramophone Company., 9 books
Stewart R. Craggs, 9 books
Paul Gambaccini, 9 books
Leonard Feather, 8 books
Neal Umphred, 8 books
Young, Percy M., 8 books
Smith, John L., 7 books
Andreasen, Axel., 6 books
Frank W. Hoffmann, 6 books


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