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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ludwig van Beethoven, 59 books
Romain Rolland, 20 books
Anton Felix Schindler, 13 books
Richard Wagner, 12 books
Ludwig Nohl, 11 books
Luigi Magnani, 9 books
Felix Weingartner, 9 books
Heinrich Schenker, 9 books
Hector Berlioz, 8 books
Gustav Nottebohm, 8 books
Willy Hess, 8 books
Harry Goldschmidt, 8 books
Theodor von Frimmel, 7 books
Lewis Lockwood, 7 books
Stephan Ley, 6 books
Schering, Arnold, 6 books
Vincent d'Indy, 6 books
Sir George Grove, 6 books
Adolf Bernhard Marx, 6 books
Carl Dahlhaus, 6 books
David B. Greene, 5 books
Emil Ludwig, 5 books
J.-G Prod'homme, 5 books
Jean Chantavoine, 5 books
Anna Gertrud Huber, 5 books


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