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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Beatles, 24 books
Stephen J. McParland, 7 books
Bob Dylan, 6 books
Alan Aldridge, 5 books
Neil Young, 5 books
Otis Redding, 5 books
Spencer Leigh, 4 books
Simon and Garfunkel, 4 books
Françoise Hardy, 4 books
Graham Marsh, 3 books
Aretha Franklin, 3 books
Robert G. Anstey, 3 books
Beach Boys, 3 books
Riccardo Bertoncelli, 3 books
Mo Foster, 3 books
Tom W. Tourville, 3 books
Mark Powell, 3 books
David Browne, 3 books
Williams, Richard, 3 books
John Coltrane, 3 books
Jimi Hendrix, 3 books
Taylor, Derek, 2 books
Moore, Thurston, 2 books
Ella Fitzgerald, 2 books
Brent Edstrom, 2 books