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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Shepherd, 8 books
David Horn, 6 books
Simon Frith, 6 books
Allan F. Moore, 6 books
Andy Bennett, 5 books
Stan Hawkins, 5 books
Roy Shuker, 5 books
Dave Laing, 5 books
Richard Middleton, 4 books
Philip Hayward, 4 books
Clinton Heylin, 4 books
Andy Bennett, 4 books
Andrew F. Jones, 4 books
Jon Stratton, 4 books
Ronald D. Cohen, 3 books
Frank Hoffmann, 3 books
David MacFadyen, 3 books
Larry David Smith, 3 books
James E. Perone, 3 books
Leonard Mustazza, 3 books
Eric Weisbard, 3 books
Motti Regev, 3 books
Jim Rooney, 3 books
George Plasketes, 3 books
Joshua Clover, 3 books


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