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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Josh Kun, 5 books
Simon Frith, 4 books
Tia DeNora, 4 books
Derek B. Scott, 4 books
Joseph A. Kotarba, 3 books
Jane F. Fulcher, 3 books
Alex Ross, 3 books
Nadine Hubbs, 3 books
Stan Hawkins, 3 books
Timothy J. Cooley, 3 books
Ian Biddle, 3 books
Norman K. Denzin, 3 books
Thomas Turino, 3 books
Celia Applegate, 2 books
Richard Middleton, 2 books
Ian Woodward, 2 books
John Shepherd, 2 books
Anthony Seeger, 2 books
Geoffrey Baker, 2 books
David J. Hargreaves, 2 books
David Byrne, 2 books
David MacFadyen, 2 books
Andrew N. Weintraub, 2 books
Steve Goodman, 2 books
Gertrud Pickhan, 2 books


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