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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bix Beiderbecke, 5 books
George Olsen, 2 books
Lita-Rose Betcherman, 2 books
Paul Whiteman, 2 books
Margaret Stewart, 2 books
Armstrong, Louis, 2 books
John Herd Thompson, 2 books
Brian Harker, 2 books
Court Carney, 2 books
George Gershwin, 2 books
Richard Hadlock, 2 books
Ada Brown, 1 book
Jean Goldkette, 1 book
Al Jolson, 1 book
Erskine Tate, 1 book
Casa Loma Orchestra, 1 book
Lee Sims, 1 book
Nora Bayes, 1 book
Jimmy Blythe, 1 book
Schwartz, Arthur, 1 book
A. C. Robertson, 1 book
Einari Kukkonen, 1 book
Peter Bölke, 1 book
Heinrich Baumgartner, 1 book
Simonetta Agliotti, 1 book