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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Garrod, 53 books
Harry Mackenzie, 3 books
Julie Koerner, 2 books
Richard J. Johnson, 2 books
Lennie Niehaus, 2 books
Klaus Stratemann, 2 books
Chris Popa, 2 books
Vittorio Castelli, 1 book
White, Mark, 1 book
Brad McCuen, 1 book
Benny Goodman, 1 book
James A. Treichel, 1 book
Lothar Polomski, 1 book
William Korst, 1 book
Arthur Rollini, 1 book
Stanley Dance, 1 book
Alice Rogers, 1 book
Frank Leanza, 1 book
Albert J. McCarthy, 1 book
Bob Wilder, 1 book
Malcolm F. Bell, 1 book
Robert E. Henry, 1 book
Duke Ellington, 1 book
Sparke, Michael., 1 book
Chris Way, 1 book


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