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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Scott Yanow, 7 books
Gary Giddins, 7 books
Henry Martin, 7 books
Berger Edward, 6 books
Tony Whyton, 6 books
Dan Morgenstern, 4 books
Nat Hentoff, 4 books
Mervyn Cooke, 4 books
Keith Waters, 4 books
Krin Gabbard, 4 books
Dave Oliphant, 4 books
Steven L. Isoardi, 3 books
David Andrew Ake, 3 books
Ted Gioia, 3 books
Alyn Shipton, 3 books
Nicholas Gebhardt, 3 books
David Cayer, 3 books
Barry Kernfeld, 3 books
E. Taylor Atkins, 3 books
Leslie Gourse, 3 books
Gabriel Solis, 3 books
Stuart Nicholson, 3 books
Dave Liebman, 3 books
Francis Davis, 3 books
Ajay Heble, 3 books


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