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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Clarke, 3 books
White, John, 2 books
Billie Holiday, 2 books
David Margolick, 2 books
Angela Davis, 2 books
Jack Millar, 2 books
Carlos Sampayo, 2 books
Alexis De Veaux, 1 book
Laurence Holder, 1 book
Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen, 1 book
William Dufty, 1 book
Chilton, John, 1 book
Jerry Dantzic, 1 book
John F. Szwed, 1 book
Julia Blackburn, 1 book
Earle Rice, 1 book
Ronald Schleifer, 1 book
Ken Vail, 1 book
Meg Greene, 1 book
Amy Novesky, 1 book
Thomas Heilmann, 1 book
Carole Boston Weatherford, 1 book
Leslie Gourse, 1 book
Jeremy Reed, 1 book
Giorgio G. Campanaro, 1 book


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