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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Miles Davis, 4 books
Williams, Richard, 4 books
Rachel Lynette, 3 books
Paul Tingen, 2 books
Quincy Troupe, 2 books
Enrico Merlin, 2 books
Keith Waters, 2 books
Wolfgang Sandner, 1 book
Tamra Orr, 1 book
Phil Freeman, 1 book
Cole, George, 1 book
Maher, Paul, 1 book
Jonathan Harnum, 1 book
Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen, 1 book
Tore Mortensen, 1 book
Franz Kerschbaumer, 1 book
Gregory Davis, 1 book
Les Sussman, 1 book
John F. Szwed, 1 book
J. K. Chambers, 1 book
Howard Mandel, 1 book
Jeremy Yudkin, 1 book
Gianfranco Salvatore, 1 book
Ian Carr, 1 book
Bill Kirchner, 1 book


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