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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Rodgers, 26 books
Henry J. Byron, 22 books
J. R. Planché, 20 books
Stephen Sondheim, 19 books
Gilbert Abbott À Beckett, 15 books
Alfred B. Sedgwick, 14 books
Charles Selby, 13 books
Bill Francoeur, 12 books
Ethan Mordden, 12 books
E. L. Blanchard, 12 books
Jack Sharkey, 12 books
Dibdin, Charles, 10 books
Jerry Bock, 9 books
Gilbert, W. S., 9 books
Thomas John Dibdin, 9 books
Cole Porter, 9 books
Stanley Green, 9 books
N. B. Grace, 8 books
Robert Reece, 8 books
John Kander, 8 books
Frederick Loewe, 8 books
Mark Lemon, 7 books
Herman, Jerry, 7 books
Arnold, Samuel, 6 books
William Dimond, 6 books


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