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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hal Leonard Corp., 58 books
Annie Kubler, 21 books
Hal Leonard Corp. Staff, 19 books
Carolyn Graham, 17 books
Iza Trapani, 16 books
Raffi, 14 books
Franz Schubert, 12 books
Kim Mitzo Thompson, 11 books
Pamela Conn Beall, 11 books
Irving Berlin, 10 books
Carol Greene, 10 books
Mary Ann Hoberman, 10 books
Kin Eagle, 10 books
Alan Katz, 10 books
Jimmy Kennedy, 10 books
Raffi., 10 books
Woody Guthrie, 9 books
Norma L. Gentner, 8 books
Jane Cabrera, 8 books
Susan Hagen Nipp, 8 books
Judy Mahoney, 8 books
Stephen Elkins, 7 books
Various, 7 books
Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, 7 books
John M. Feierabend, 7 books


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