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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Frideric Handel, 20 books
Iza Trapani, 15 books
Pierre François Palloy, 15 books
Carol Greene, 11 books
Jimmy Kennedy, 10 books
Irving Berlin, 9 books
Mary Ann Hoberman, 9 books
Stephen Elkins, 8 books
Norma L. Gentner, 8 books
Antonio Vivaldi, 8 books
Kim Mitzo Thompson, 8 books
Annie Kubler, 8 books
Stephen Collins Foster, 8 books
Johann Sebastian Bach, 7 books
Anthony Haswell, 7 books
Guy Carawan, 6 books
Walton, William, 6 books
Laura Purdie Salas, 6 books
John Avery Lomax, 6 books
Michael Dahl, 6 books
Jane Cabrera, 6 books
Woody Guthrie, 6 books
Brad Caudle, 6 books
Pete Seeger, 6 books
Franz Liszt, 6 books


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