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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre François Palloy, 15 books
Iza Trapani, 13 books
Carol Greene, 10 books
Irving Berlin, 9 books
Mary Ann Hoberman, 9 books
Norma L. Gentner, 8 books
Raffi., 7 books
Anthony Haswell, 7 books
Stephen Collins Foster, 7 books
Stephen Elkins, 6 books
Laura Purdie Salas, 6 books
Michael Dahl, 6 books
Brad Caudle, 6 books
P. Moussard, 5 books
Smith, Charles R., 5 books
Raffi, 5 books
Richard Caudle, 5 books
Johnette Downing, 5 books
Alfonso X King of Castile and Leon, 5 books
Pamela Conn Beall, 5 books
Alan Katz, 5 books
Alessandro Scarlatti, 5 books
Christopher Canyon, 4 books
Jack Rollins, 4 books
H. C. Macdougall, 4 books


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