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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johann Sebastian Bach, 12 books
Britten, Benjamin, 9 books
Healey Willan, 6 books
Keith Bissell, 6 books
Don Daily, 5 books
Ruth J. Morehead, 4 books
Ace Collins, 4 books
Jan Brett, 4 books
John Brundle, 4 books
Betty Roe, 4 books
Hilary Knight, 3 books
Soler, Antonio, 3 books
Catherine Lukas, 3 books
I. A. Copley, 3 books
Malcolm Williamson, 3 books
Dietrich Buxtehude, 3 books
Peter Maxwell Davies, 3 books
Benjamin Russel Hanby, 3 books
Marcel Samuel-Rousseau, 3 books
Reynaldo Hahn, 2 books
Hale, Nathan, 2 books
Tad Hills, 2 books
Irving Berlin, 2 books
Hendrik Willem Van Loon, 2 books
Gene Autry, 2 books


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