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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Maxwell Davies, 6 books
Betty Roe, 5 books
Britten, Benjamin, 5 books
Edith Rickert, 4 books
Ace Collins, 4 books
Ralph Vaughan Williams, 4 books
Wright, Thomas, 3 books
William Sandys, 3 books
Public Domain, 3 books
Laurie Loughlin, 3 books
Norman Iles, 2 books
Maureen Forrester, 2 books
Percy Dearmer, 2 books
Noel Tennyson, 2 books
Elizabeth Maconchy, 2 books
I. A. Copley, 2 books
Richard Leighton Greene, 2 books
Gustav Holst, 2 books
W. S. W. Anson, 2 books
Elizabeth Poston, 2 books
Frederick M. Noad, 2 books
David Willcocks, 2 books
Thomas G. Duncan, 2 books
Deborah Craig-Claar, 2 books
Martin Shaw, 2 books


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