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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johannes Brahms, 170 books
Hermann Levi, 45 books
Max Kalbeck, 12 books
Karl Geiringer, 6 books
Michael Musgrave, 6 books
Hofmann, Kurt, 6 books
Evans, Edwin, 5 books
N. Simrock (Firm), 5 books
Imbert, Hugues, 5 books
John Alexander Fuller-Maitland, 5 books
Christian Martin Schmidt, 5 books
Clara Schumann, 4 books
Siegfried Kross, 4 books
Robert Keller, 4 books
Otto Biba, 4 books
Constantin Floros, 4 books
Renate Hofmann, 3 books
Hermann Deiters, 3 books
Schumann, Eugenie, 3 books
Alfred von Ehrmann, 3 books
Heinrich Reimann, 3 books
Robert Pascall, 3 books
Edwin Evans, 3 books
Hans A. Neunzig, 3 books
Johannes Forner, 3 books


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