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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hermann Levi, 45 books
Ernest Ansermet, 12 books
John Hunt, 10 books
Hans von Bülow, 7 books
John Hunt, 7 books
Bruno Walter, 5 books
Claude Tappolet, 5 books
Alessandro Zignani, 5 books
David Ewen, 5 books
Leonard Bernstein, 5 books
Herbert von Karajan, 4 books
Robinson, Paul, 4 books
Lawrence Welk, 4 books
Harvey Sachs, 4 books
Frithjof Haas, 4 books
Richard Strauss, 4 books
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Melik-Pashaev, 3 books
Adam von Ahn Carse, 3 books
Hermann Scherchen, 3 books
Otto Klemperer, 3 books
Klaus Geitel, 3 books
Paul A. Robinson, 3 books
Eileen Goudge, 3 books
John Lucas, 3 books
Pierre Boulez, 3 books


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