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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bulgaria., 340 books
Todor Zhivkov, 86 books
Bulgaria, 49 books
Ilcho Ivanov Dimitrov, 30 books
Dimitrov, Georgi, 25 books
Bozhidar Dimitrov, 23 books
Boris P. Spasov, 22 books
Dimitŭr Simeonov Angelov, 20 books
Konstantin Dimitrov Kosev, 20 books
Li͡udmila Zhivkova, 17 books
Dimitŭr Blagoev, 16 books
Ivan Bogdanov, 14 books
Georgi Markov, 13 books
Mikhail Arnaudov, 13 books
Vasil Gi︠u︡zelev, 13 books
Petŭr Nikolov Dinekov, 13 books
Wolf Oschlies, 13 books
Vera P. Mutafchieva, 13 books
Ivan Venedikov, 13 books
Mikhail Videnov, 13 books
Bogoi͡a Stankov, 12 books
Veselin Angelov, 12 books
Marko Semov, 12 books
Ivan Bozhilov, 12 books
Ĭono Mitev, 12 books


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