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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hal Leonard Corp. Staff, 188 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 178 books
John Williams, 40 books
Victor Young, 40 books
Alan Menken, 35 books
Bill Galliford, 19 books
Howard Ashman, 13 books
Michael Giacchino, 12 books
Howard Shore, 11 books
Śarat, 11 books
Stephen Sondheim, 10 books
Virgil Thomson, 10 books
James Horner, 8 books
Michael Sweeney, 8 books
Danny Elfman, 8 books
James Newton Howard, 8 books
Williams, John, 8 books
Hans Zimmer, 8 books
Roberto Calabretto, 7 books
Phillip Keveren, 7 books
Dan Coates, 7 books
Tim Rice, 7 books
Alexandre Desplat, 7 books
Kristen Anderson-Lopez, 7 books
Justin Hurwitz, 7 books


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