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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dave Thompson, 18 books
Norman, Philip, 13 books
Chris Welch, 11 books
Dave Bowler, 11 books
John Lennon, 10 books
Stuart A. Kallen, 10 books
Geoffrey Giuliano, 10 books
Jerry Hopkins, 10 books
Mick Wall, 10 books
Barry Miles, 9 books
Ray Coleman, 9 books
Ethan Schlesinger, 9 books
Jordi Sierra i Fabra, 9 books
Joseph A. Tunzi, 9 books
Philip Kamin, 9 books
Alan Clayson, 8 books
Chuck Crisafulli, 8 books
Laura Jackson, 8 books
Bruce Pollock, 8 books
John Tobler, 8 books
Iain M. Banks, 8 books
Marc Spitz, 7 books
John Einarson, 7 books
Dave Marsh, 7 books
Michael Heatley, 7 books


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