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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank N. Magill, 42 books
Jay Parini, 40 books
Daniel L. Kirkpatrick, 22 books
Harold Bloom, 22 books
David Ewen, 22 books
George Murray Smith, 21 books
Scot Peacock, 19 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 19 books
R. I. Kuzʹmenko, 17 books
James Vinson, 17 books
Jean Chrétien Ferdinand Hoefer, 16 books
Gale Group, 15 books
James N. Hardin, 15 books
François-Joseph Fétis, 14 books
Bale, John, 13 books
Steven Serafin, 13 books
Nichigai Asoshiētsu, 13 books
Ian Scott-Kilvert, 11 books
S. Austin Allibone, 11 books
Nicolas Slonimsky, 11 books
I. G. Bebikh, 11 books
Voltaire, 11 books
Adolphe van Bever, 11 books
David Erskine Baker, 10 books
Carl E. Rollyson, 10 books


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