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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alice Notley, 27 books
Marjorie Agosín, 16 books
Irene Zahava, 16 books
Jane Hirshfield, 16 books
Virginia Woolf, 14 books
Harold Bloom, 14 books
Sandra M. Gilbert, 14 books
Susan Wittig Albert, 13 books
Lynn Crosbie, 13 books
Jelena O. Krstovic, 12 books
Various, 11 books
Cherríe Moraga, 11 books
Margaret Atwood, 11 books
Cheryl Clarke, 11 books
Dionne Brand, 10 books
Gloria E. Anzaldúa, 10 books
Fidelis Morgan, 10 books
Bingxin, 9 books
Florence Howe, 9 books
Julia Vinograd, 9 books
June Jordan, 9 books
Sappho, 9 books
Susan Gubar, 8 books
Janet M. Todd, 8 books
Elaine Showalter, 8 books


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