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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack Canfield, 64 books
Diethard H. Klein, 42 books
Elbert Hubbard, 38 books
Mark Victor Hansen, 38 books
Amy Newmark, 36 books
Various, 32 books
Thomas Hardy, 25 books
John Schilb, 18 books
John Miller, 18 books
John Clifford, 17 books
Holly Hughes, 17 books
Sandra Martz, 16 books
M. H. Abrams, 14 books
Philip Zaleski, 14 books
Kahlil Gibran, 13 books
Sheila Pickles, 13 books
Nina Baym, 13 books
Langston Hughes, 12 books
Cherríe Moraga, 12 books
Joseph Addison, 11 books
George L. McMichael, 11 books
William Butler Yeats, 11 books
Charles Dickens, 11 books
Time-Life for Children (Firm), 11 books
Carol S. Lawson, 11 books


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