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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas J. Schoenberg, 87 books
Lawrence J. Trudeau, 77 books
Kathy D. Darrow, 35 books
Edmund Wilson, 20 books
Gale Group, 20 books
Georg Morris Cohen Brandes, 20 books
Kate Chopin, 18 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 13 books
Mario Praz, 12 books
Russell Potter, 12 books
Janet Witalec, 12 books
James Huneker, 12 books
Lawrence J. Trudeau, 12 books
Paul Hazard, 11 books
R. M. Albérès, 11 books
Virginia Woolf, 11 books
Charles Irving Glicksberg, 11 books
Van Tieghem, Paul, 10 books
Torre, Guillermo de, 10 books
Philip Rahv, 9 books
Georges Poulet, 8 books
Hans Mayer, 8 books
Leo Spitzer, 8 books
Juan García Ponce, 8 books
Scot Peacock, 8 books


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