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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Northrop Frye, 37 books
Matthew Arnold, 17 books
Umberto Eco, 17 books
T. S. Eliot, 14 books
I. A. Richards, 13 books
Harold Bloom, 13 books
Sylvan Barnet, 12 books
Spingarn, Joel Elias, 10 books
Alexander Pope, 10 books
F. R. Leavis, 10 books
Krieger, Murray, 10 books
René Wellek, 9 books
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 9 books
Varios, 9 books
Jonathan D. Culler, 9 books
Robert E. Scholes, 9 books
Watson, George, 9 books
William K. Wimsatt, 8 books
Julian Wolfreys, 8 books
Terry Eagleton, 8 books
René Wellek, 8 books
Henry Home Lord Kames, 8 books
Read, Herbert Edward Sir, 7 books
Blount, Thomas Pope Sir, 7 books
Edmund David Jones, 7 books


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