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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terry Eagleton, 8 books
Northrop Frye, 8 books
Terence Hawkes, 5 books
I. A. Richards, 4 books
Harold Bloom, 4 books
Fredric Jameson, 4 books
Jonathan D. Culler, 4 books
David Lodge, 4 books
Vincent B. Leitch, 4 books
Roger D. Sell, 3 books
Stanley Edgar Hyman, 3 books
William K. Wimsatt, 3 books
Geoffrey H. Hartman, 3 books
René Wellek, 3 books
Wolfgang Iser, 3 books
George P. Landow, 3 books
O. B. Hardison, 3 books
Paul de Man, 3 books
K. K. Ruthven, 3 books
Kenneth Burke, 2 books
Adrien Baillet, 2 books
T. S. Eliot, 2 books
Lee T. Lemon, 2 books
René Wellek, 2 books
Yvor Winters, 2 books