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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lisa Kumar, 36 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 19 books
Scot Peacock, 17 books
George Plimpton, 17 books
André Gide, 15 books
Ilʹi͡a Ėrenburg, 13 books
Suzanne Clauser, 12 books
Stephen King, 11 books
Henry Crabb Robinson, 10 books
Jeanne Nagle, 10 books
Sarah Halliwell, 10 books
Alan Hedblad, 10 books
Ema Tōyama, 10 books
Britannica Educational Publishing Staff, 9 books
Francis Carco, 9 books
Gale Group, 9 books
Cherie D. Abbey, 9 books
W. Somerset Maugham, 9 books
Paolo Giovio, 8 books
André Maurois, 8 books
Kelly, Fred C., 8 books
Amanda D. Sams, 8 books
C. Lewis Hind, 8 books
Frank N. Magill, 8 books
Paulo Coelho, 8 books


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