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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack London, 35 books
Ellery Queen, 31 books
Karl Ove Knausgaard, 13 books
Paul Auster, 12 books
Donald Bain, 11 books
Susan Rogers Cooper, 11 books
L. C. Tyler, 11 books
Andy Griffiths, 10 books
Susan Wittig Albert, 10 books
Margaret Duffy, 10 books
Betty Rowlands, 10 books
Jessica Fletcher, 10 books
John Irving, 9 books
A. S. Byatt, 8 books
Max Allan Collins, 8 books
Philip A. Roth, 8 books
Danielle Steel, 8 books
Jessica Fletcher, 8 books
Donald Bain, 8 books
Henry Miller, 8 books
J. M. Coetzee, 8 books
Don Bartlett, 8 books
Andreĭ Kurkov, 8 books
Matthew Pearl, 7 books
Stephen King, 7 books