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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Bain, 37 books
Veronica Stallwood, 13 books
Jessica Fletcher, 13 books
Barron, Stephanie, 12 books
Donald Bain, 12 books
Jessica Fletcher, 11 books
Amy Patricia Meade, 8 books
Danielle Steel, 8 books
Judy Fitzwater, 8 books
Susan Rogers Cooper, 8 books
Natasha Cooper, 7 books
Valerie S. Malmont, 7 books
Donald Bain, 7 books
Betty Rowlands, 6 books
Robin Paige, 5 books
Elizabeth Peters, 5 books
Lauren Maddison, 5 books
Barbara Burnett Smith, 5 books
Kasey Michaels, 5 books
Tracey Victoria Bateman, 4 books
Hazel Holt, 4 books
Elizabeth Peters, 4 books
Syrie James, 4 books
Richard Osborne, 4 books
Marilyn Tracy, 3 books