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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Ruskin, 30 books
Theodore Francis Powys, 28 books
Jay Parini, 26 books
Horace Walpole, 22 books
Isaac Disraeli, 20 books
Samuel Johnson, 17 books
Lewis Carroll, 17 books
Rupert Croft-Cooke, 16 books
D. H. Lawrence, 16 books
Christopher Isherwood, 16 books
Evelyn Waugh, 15 books
Thomas De Quincey, 15 books
Virginia Woolf, 14 books
Lawrence Durrell, 14 books
Rudyard Kipling, 14 books
Mary Shelley, 14 books
James Boswell, 14 books
A. L. Rowse, 13 books
Montagu, Mary Wortley Lady, 13 books
Thomas, Edward, 13 books
Denys Val Baker, 13 books
C. S. Lewis, 13 books
Edmund Blunden, 12 books
Robert Southey, 12 books
John Bunyan, 12 books


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