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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Luther, 96 books
Heinrich Bornkamm, 20 books
Walther von Loewenich, 16 books
Paul Althaus, 16 books
Hartmann Grisar, 16 books
Henry VIII King of England, 15 books
Gerhard Ebeling, 14 books
Heinrich Boehmer, 13 books
Denifle, Heinrich, 12 books
Kurt Aland, 12 books
Walther Köhler, 11 books
Fisher, John Saint, 11 books
Bernhard Lohse, 10 books
Elizabeth Rundle Charles, 9 books
Hanns Lilje, 9 books
Johannes Cochlaeus, 9 books
Hermann, Rudolf, 9 books
Julius Köstlin, 9 books
Julius Theodor Köstlin, 9 books
Desiderius Erasmus, 9 books
E. Gordon Rupp, 8 books
Hans Preuss, 8 books
Erwin Iserloh, 8 books
Martin Treu, 8 books
Wilh Walther, 8 books


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