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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Keith, 44 books
Martin Luther, 44 books
Joseph McCabe, 41 books
Richard Baxter, 36 books
William Prynne, 30 books
Charles Leslie, 28 books
John Henry Newman, 24 books
Blaise Pascal, 24 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 24 books
Pierre Du Moulin, 24 books
Charles Paschal Telesphore Chiniquy, 23 books
Jean Calvin, 23 books
Thomas Aquinas, 20 books
William Penn, 20 books
John Wesley, 20 books
Campbell, Alexander, 19 books
Joseph Bellamy, 17 books
William Tyndale, 16 books
John Jewel, 16 books
Augustine of Hippo city of god, 16 books
Whitehead, George, 16 books
John Pennyman, 16 books
Bale, John, 15 books
Morton, Thomas, 15 books
John Ankerberg, 15 books


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