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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Fox, 63 books
Whitehead, George, 33 books
John Henry Newman, 28 books
William Penn, 26 books
Moses Maimonides, 20 books
Blaise Pascal, 19 books
Knights of Columbus. Supreme Council, 19 books
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, 15 books
Flavius Josephus, 15 books
Naylor, James, 13 books
Johann Eck, 13 books
Muḥammad ʻImārah, 13 books
Flavius Josephus, 13 books
Isaac Baer Levinsohn, 12 books
Albert Maria Weiss, 12 books
Edward Burrough, 12 books
John Crook, 12 books
William Smith, 12 books
Judah ha-Levi, 11 books
George Keith, 10 books
Aloys Merz, 10 books
Sergeant, John, 10 books
Antoine Guénée, 9 books
Edmund Elys, 9 books
Robert Barclay, 9 books