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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Church of England, 453 books
John Henry Newman, 79 books
Pusey, E. B., 67 books
Diocesan Church Society of New Brunswick., 58 books
Better Homes and Gardens, 55 books
Burnet, Gilbert, 54 books
Taylor, Jeremy, 53 books
John Keble, 47 books
Richard Hooker, 45 books
Frederick Denison Maurice, 41 books
Hensley Henson, 40 books
John Donne, 38 books
Henry Parry Liddon, 35 books
Richard Baxter, 35 books
Simon Patrick, 34 books
John Jewel, 33 books
Colin Ogilvie Buchanan, 33 books
Tillotson, John, 33 books
Edward Stillingfleet, 32 books
Charles Kingsley, 31 books
Henry Hammond, 29 books
Hugh Latimer, 28 books
Hall, Joseph, 28 books
William Prynne, 28 books
Lancelot Andrewes, 28 books


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