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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Henry Newman, 59 books
Meriol Trevor, 11 books
I. T. Ker, 10 books
Charles Stephen Dessain, 7 books
Thureau-Dangin, Paul, 6 books
Barry, William Francis, 6 books
Wilfrid Meynell, 6 books
Günter Biemer, 6 books
Jan Hendrik Walgrave, 5 books
Louis Bouyer, 5 books
Jean Guitton, 5 books
Erich Przywara, 5 books
Alvan S. Ryan, 5 books
Terrence Merrigan, 5 books
Richard Holt Hutton, 4 books
Henri Bremond, 4 books
Joseph Rickaby, 4 books
Denys Gorce, 4 books
Fernande Tardivel, 4 books
Palmer, William, 4 books
Timothy Corcoran, 4 books
Edward Elgar, 4 books
Philip Boyce, 4 books
Joyce Sugg, 4 books
Jean Honoré, 4 books


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