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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Blaise Pascal, 25 books
Léon Brunschvicg, 13 books
Lev Shestov, 10 books
Giraud, Victor, 9 books
Jean Mesnard, 9 books
Louis Lafuma, 8 books
Romano Guardini, 7 books
Fortunat Strowski, 7 books
A. Gazier, 6 books
Morris Bishop, 6 books
Emile Boutroux, 5 books
Jacques Chevalier, 5 books
Albert Maire, 5 books
Maurice Barrès, 5 books
Lucien Goldmann, 5 books
Gabriel Daniel, 5 books
Jean Guitton, 5 books
Jean-Louis Bischoff, 5 books
Lucien Jerphagnon, 5 books
Lucien Goldmann, 5 books
Hugh McCullough Davidson, 5 books
Albert Bayet, 4 books
Michel Le Guern, 4 books
Lucien Anatole Prévost-Paradol, 4 books
Ernest Jovy, 4 books


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