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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michel Foucault, 12 books
René Descartes, 11 books
Henri Bergson, 10 books
Gilles Deleuze, 10 books
Jean Philibert Damiron, 8 books
Janet, Paul, 8 books
Henri Gaston Gouhier, 7 books
Félix Ravaisson, 7 books
Jacques Derrida, 7 books
Alain Badiou, 7 books
Hippolyte Taine, 6 books
Nicolas Malebranche, 6 books
Dominique Janicaud, 6 books
Tzvetan Todorov, 6 books
J. Barbey d'Aurevilly, 6 books
Jean Baudrillard, 6 books
Lavelle, Louis, 5 books
Victor Delbos, 5 books
Emile Boutroux, 5 books
Georges Poulet, 5 books
Robert Mauzi, 5 books
Lester G. Crocker, 5 books
André Robinet, 5 books
Sergio Moravia, 5 books
Luc Ferry, 5 books


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